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2023-10-03 20:16
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EMGEN Membership Important Notes

  • The commitment of the institution must be approved by their respected president.
  • Society members will be considered as associate members and the societies will be honorary.
  • Societies are joined as honorary membership and will only support the network. Honorary members e.g., WHO.
  • Formatted application form is available for submission or admission in the network website.
  • The steering committee can give a provisional acceptance for the submitted membership applications but the general assembly will confirm the approval.
  • The honorary members will not be in the steering committee but will be as acting members who can support the network e.g. with the help of EMRO.
  • Requests for membership should be submitted to the secretary general.
  • The associate members will have no voting power, but will benefit at scientific level.
  • Full members will participate in the voting like national members.
  • A fee should be passed to show commitments to the committee.
  • Institution need approval from the national network but individuals can go directly to the steering committee.
  • Eligible candidates and institutes from areas with no network can still be considered for membership. The countries that are not represented have to be informed and to be helped by WHO to establish a network.

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