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2023-05-30 18:07
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 Date:December 6, 2016

Scientists of UCLA University have found unprecedented cell progenitors. These cells can be seen in high amounts in prostate inflamed regions than normal sites. Inflammation has always been considered as one of the main factors establishing prostate cancer but the correlation between these two phenomena has always been unclear. Previous studies performed by UCLA researchers describes that luminal and basal cells found in the prostate have the potency to form cancerous cells. In the other side, Johns Hopkins researchers explained that one of the main factors of forming prostate cancer is inflammation and that was as a result of their observations, in which cells isolated from inflammatory regions of prostate had different characteristics than other prostate cell.

Dr. Andrew Goldstein as an assistant professor of molecular biology in UCLA has led a project, in which the expression of CD38 gene was investigated. They observed that higher ratios of the luminal cells without expression of such gene have the potency to form cancerous cells. It was also found that luminal cells without CD38 protein are more aggressive and metastatic and may be more persistent after receiving any cure.

 Ref: Sciencedaily

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